pickleball tips for beginners

Pickleball Tips: Improve Your Game with These Strategies and Techniques

To be good at any sport is to put time and effort into it consistently. Having some directions as to how one should practice it is even better. So here are some pickleball tips and tricks that will help you improve your pickleball game. Whether you are looking for pickleball tips for beginners in a singles pickleball game or a doubles pickleball game or if you know the basics and need pickleball tips for intermediate players we have got you covered in this blog. or better still you have mastered all the basics and can play both singles pickleball and double pickleball and need some Pickleball tips for advanced players, then this is also the right place for you. You can benefit from these tips no matter the level of your game and it never hurts to refresh some of these rules. After all, practice with clear direction will make your game even better.

Pickleball Tips

So here is a list of the best pickleball tips that you can benefit from:

Standing Position is the key

if you look for any pickleball tips for beginners, all advice will start with this simple tip i.e., master your posture and standing position before you begin the game. The game keeps one constantly on the feet and almost every limb in the body is used during the game. Therefore, start to learn how to stand properly and move your body during a pickleball game. Honestly, it is very simple to master the perfect pickleball posture: stand with your feet apart, bend your knees, and relax your shoulders. This will help you rotate and move quickly and efficiently to hit the ball every time it enters your side of the court.

Know the rules

Another important tip is to learn the pickleball rules. It seems counterintuitive to mention this point as a tip but trust us, knowing when to hit and how to hit prevents you from losing the game. When you know the rules, you can maneuver any tip and strategy for your gain against any opponent.  Basic rules that you must know are what are faults, where is NVZ, etc

Know your Pickleball Court Well

Like all games, Pickleball has its own court with very specific zones and dimensions. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with the court can give you a benefit. Know where the non-volley zone/ Kitchen is, where you can hit for a dink shot, and keep in mind the center line, baseline, and side-lines in an indoor and outdoor pickleball court. Once you know these key zones, you can avoid faults and strategize your hits in a way that serves you well. After all, the court is the battlefield so get familiar with it.

Avoid Faults

Once you know the rules, you can avoid Faults. Faults are rule violations in pickleball games and when a team commits a fault, the opposite team gains a point. Faults usually happen when the opponent fails to hit the ball, or sends it off-court, and so on.

Learn to Serve and Serve Well

No pickleball game advice is complete without Pickleball serve tips. You can ace your game with practice but serve is more than practice. Serve is the first throw that starts the game so when the game begins strongly with a good serve then you will for sure overpower your opponent. The trick is not to hit the ball hard to try to make it difficult but serve in a way that will yield you a point. Especially in a singles pickleball game, a good Serve can put you ahead of the game.

pickleball tips for beginners

Master the Dink

Another interesting thing about Pickleball is the Dink shot. It is a shot hit from the non-Volley Zone and goes over to the non-Volley Zone of the opposite team. The shot is soft and mastering it can be good in a slow game. This can be useful during a game when the opposite team is playing a hard and fast game and a well-played dink can take them off guard instead of returning a soft dink shot with a soft hit, they reflexively can hit the ball hard which will either hit the net or go out of the court, in both cases earning a point for you. So, learn to dink and use it effectively during a single game to catch the opponent off guard. 

Choose the right Paddle

No matter how good you are at this game and the amount of time you spent practicing; without good equipment, all of that effort goes to waste.  Choosing the right paddles that fit you well can give you a huge advantage. A paddle is like an extension of your body so the size and weight of it should suit you well i.e., a paddle you can handle with ease. So do not go after brand names, but try out various paddles, shapes, sizes, and companies to find the right one for you. Getting the right paddle is half the battle won.

Get the Right Shoes

Yes, the right shoes can make or break a pickleball game. Like paddles, the right shoes can give you an advantage. As mentioned above, pickleball is about quick movements and flexibility, and having the right shoes will make movements and running around smooth and comfortable. If you are not comfortable then you cannot give your best during any pickleball game. There are plenty of shoes in the market that can be good for pickleball courts, so have options for both indoor pickleball games and outdoor pickleball games. Preferably shoes with good soles and comfortable material as you are likely to run and move fast during a game.

Stay Fit

Pickleball is a physically exerting game and requires good stamina to play the game with consistency. And to build stamina you need to be in good shape and exercise regularly. This is perhaps one of the most useful Pickleball tips for seniors as often Pickleball is considered a suitable sport for seniors. Good physical fitness can be beneficial while you play pickleball because quick movements and reflexes can put a strain on muscles, therefore exercise is good for flexibility and reflexes. So, get fit to play better pickleball.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

you can learn 2 tips, 10 or 31 tips for playing better pickleball. But without practice all these tips are futile. There are never any shortcuts to winning a game therefore practicing your game and applying all these tips while you play will make you a pro at pickleball. Learn all these pickleball tips but practice more so you can apply these tips in the game. Also, check Playtime Scheduler For Pickleball App to schedule your daily matches.

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