Indoor Pickleball Court

Indoor Pickleball Court Dimensions for Perfect Court

Pickleball is a game that is played both outdoors and indoors therefore can be played anywhere and is not affected by temperature much! Specifically, an Indoor Pickleball court is an ideal space to play when the temperature gets either too high or too low or is generally unpredictable, to say the least. There are specific dimensions and court design and structure that must be followed in an indoor pickleball court.

Generally, a pickleball court must follow the following dimensions:

  • Total Dimensions: A pickleball court must be 20 feet Wide X 44 feet long and rectangular in shape
  • Net height: the net height in a pickleball court is adjusted to 34 inches in the middle and 36 inches at the posts.
  • Non-Volley Zone: it is 7 feet on both sides of the court.

Both the Indoor Pickleball Court and Outdoor Pickleball Court have the same dimensions and court structure. The only difference is the wiffle ball: indoor pickleball game uses a ball with fewer holes as compared to pickleball games outdoors.

Indoor Pickleball Court

Playing Pickleball on other Indoor Courts

Some of the indoor Pickleball courts could be multi-purpose courts and can be used to play volleyball, basketball, etc. Indoors usually such courts are used for multiple games. And if there is no specific pickleball court, you can turn a basketball court into a pickleball court with simple tweaks. Just follow the Indoor Pickleball Court dimensions and you are good to go.

To get comfortable, get the right shoes that are suitable indoors. Something that is simple to basketball shoes. Because the right shoes always help you to move quickly and comfortably during an intense pickleball game.

Indoor Pickleball Court Dimensions

Benefits of an Indoor Pickleball Court:

One of the best things about an indoor pickleball court is you can play the game anytime without worrying about weather, lighting, temperature, or any other such factors that affect an outdoor game. An outdoor pickleball court can be good if the weather is good and there is no wind, sun, or rain ruining your game. Having access to an indoor pickleball court is helpful if you are playing pickleball daily for fitness or want to practice it more to become a pro.

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